Psalms 5:11  “Let all those rejoice who put their trust in You.

The following services are available to those in any type of need:

  • Knitted Prayer Shawls – These shawls are knitted by our dedicated Covenant Knitters and given to those experiencing loss or illness as a way to remind them of the prayers said on their behalf.
  • Flower Delivery –Following the worship service each Sunday, the flowers from the sanctuary are delivered to shut-ins and those in crisis following the worship service each Sunday.
  • Communion – Delivered upon request by trained Communion Stewards to those who are home bound or in the hospital.

If you want to learn more about our Caring Ministries, contact the church office at 489-1888.

Please note:  We cannot ship or send any of the above items to individuals.  This page is a way of sharing information about Covenant United Methodist Church and how we care for others through the members of our congregation.