Route 66: Join us on this year-long Journey through the Bible.

  1. Read. Every day. Use the plan below (download), subscribe to the e-calendar, pick up the weekly Journey Map (bulletin).  Read daily what you can. Get into a habit. 
  2. Join a Route 66 Reading Group.  Invite friends, family, neighbors, or co-workers to join you in reading and then meet weekly to pray and discuss what you're hearing from God by downloading the Reading Group guide below.  If you prefer to join an existing group, consider Tuesdays or Thursdays at the church, both at 10am.
  • Route 66 Reading Guide can be downloaded below.  Each group member will want a copy of this guide which will be updated seasonally.
  • Route 66 Bible Reading Calendar (Google Calendar) Subscribe to this calendar to have the readings in your calendar every day. (iCal Link is here for Apple Devices.)
  • Route 66 Bible Reading Plan can be downloaded below.

Equipped - Bible Study Resource Guide can be downloaded below.

Spiritual Gift Inventory (Entitled CORE 3 Inventory) can be downloaded below. Check out our Sermon Archive to catch up on any messages you may have missed