Amy Palmer grew up in Fort Wayne, learned to love Jesus as a member of Covenant, graduated from Carroll High School and attended Indiana University. While at IU she felt a calling to work with high school students and became involved with the High School Ministry of Cru to help high school students thrive in all areas of their lives, whether in school, with friends or in their relationship with God. In 2016 she began working for Cru at two middle schools and two high schools in Denver, Colorado. She became a friend to students, answered questions about Jesus, led Bible Studies, and was a listening ear for those that needed one.

Amy met Caleb Cox, who also worked with Cru, in 2016 but they didn’t become friends until the summer of 2018 when they spent a month at New Staff Training in Orlando and they started a long distance relationship (Amy in Denver and Caleb in Orlando, FL). In May of 2020 Amy and Caleb were married and moved to Dallas, TX. Amy and Caleb will be working through Cru at a high school with students who may have never heard the gospel. Amy and Caleb will have the unique opportunity to minister to students from many diverse backgrounds.

Helping to support Amy and Caleb offers Covenant an opportunity to help bring others to Christ. Amy and Caleb love to share about the relationships they’ve developed with young people and how their ministry is changing the lives of students and their families.

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