In 2011 Covenant began sponsoring children orphaned by the HIV/Aids epidemic in Kenya through Life for Children Ministry (LCM). Covenant now sponsors 15 orphans and individuals of the congregation support additional orphans. The ministry now provides support for 356 orphans in the towns of Kisumu and Wachara, Kenya. Michael Agwanda, an HIV/Aids orphan himself, started the ministry and completed training at The Mission Society.

Life for Children Ministry is committed to providing the necessities of life for the orphans of Kenya.

For $65 a month a child is provided:

  • food
  • clothing
  • shelter
  • educational opportunities
  • spiritual nourishment

Every effort is made to place an orphan with a family member. In addition to the orphan support, LCM sponsors a street kid program and touches the lives of many children living on the streets. They are also actively involved in community building projects as well as efforts to build up logistics in the area.

Not only does Covenant financially support individual children but our financial commitment has also helped the ministry:

  • purchase land to build a church
  • buy its first vehicle
  • drill a well for a village to have fresh water
  • provide medications to combat the jiggers parasite
  • provide Easter and Christmas meals for the orphans and their families
  • build a school which will eventually be self-sustaining
  • and we have helped to support Michael Agwanda and his family
  • visited LCM in 2014 and provided a Vacation Bible School program for the children and a health clinic

Click here to learn more about Life for Children Ministry. With this ministry we are changing the world – one life at a time!