High School Camp Information:


  • Who: 9-12 grade students
  • When: June 24-29
  • Cost: Full price is $350; Covenant will pay half for Covenant youth members ($175); includes food, lodging and the ticket for camp
  • Where: Grace Cottage at Epworth Forest (next door to Trinity Retreat Center.
  • Payment can be made to Covenant UMC and put in collection plate marked HS Camp or given to Timothy Grant or the Office.
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Middle School Camp Information at Camp Adventure in Pierceton, IN

What: Impact Camp 

Who: 6-8 grade students

When: there are several weeks to choose from but Covenant is hoping most of our kids can go the week of June 24-29

Cost: $449 ($479 after April 16) Covenant will pay 1/2 of early bird fee if child is a member or active at Covenant.

Camp Adventure’s Impact Camps create a classic camp experience with a lot of modern relevance and high energy worship. It is a  non-stop completely immersive experience helping campers to explore their faith through activities that teach, devotions, small group discussions, relationships, worship, and more. The action packed adventures include blobbing, paintball, high ropes, zip lines, climbing walls, swimming, messy games, slip n slides and more! Each of these features includes conversational debriefs to help campers draw parallels to their spiritual and daily life as they consider their character, identity and walk with Christ. Worship times at Camp Adventure are a modern experience that blends high energy sounds, technology and visuals, with contemplation, and relevant teachings. These times provide opportunities for campers to be inspired and introduced to the gospel for deeper exploration and conversations in their family group and devotional times. Come and join us for this key experience that helps campers in critical formative years discover and root their spiritual foundation and identity in Christ

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What: Tribal Camp in Pierceton, IN

  • Who: 6-8 grade students
  • When: July 1-5
  • Cost: $349 ($369 after April 16) Covenant will pay 1/2 for members or youth active at Covenant.
  • Bring out your inner warrior… in more ways than one! This is a deep dive camp that helps students engage their discipleship and growth journey in a super campy way. Becoming young men and women isn’t easy and this camp helps us to learn to walk boldly alongside Christ impacting the world.Camp activities throughout will have a tribe feel to them giving this a unique feeling at Camp Adventure; including tribal competitions, physical, mental, and intellectual challenges, artistic and communal activities, and more. We are all unique parts of the body of Christ and this camp helps us uncover our gifts and identity.
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To learn more contact Timothy Grant.