Classes, Bible studies, and special series on Sunday mornings and throughout the week cover a variety of topics relevant to our 21st century lifestyle. If you have questions or want to know more about Jesus or you want to go deeper in your faith, you’ll find the people of Covenant learning and growing together.

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Core Classes

  • Discovering Membership 
    • A one session basic introduction to the Christian Faith and to the ministries of Covenant UMC. Learn about our Mission and Vision, explore the structure of the church and discover the meaning of membership.

      • Next Classes:
        • June 2: 11:30 AM
        • August 25: 11:30 AM
        • November 10: 11:30 AM
  • Discover Your Shape for Serving
    • Learn the gifts of the Spirit and discover which gifts and skills are present in you.  Explore what may be your sweet spot for serving the church using your gifts, heart, abilities, skills, personality, and passions. Includes an introduction to ministry opportunities at and through Covenant UMC. 

    • Watch for our next sessions in 2024.

Pastor's Class

  • Join Pastor Chris & Pastor Allison as they open the scriptures to address important topics throughout the year. Join in one class or the whole season.
  • Thursday Mornings @ 10:00am

EQUIP - Leadership Institute at Covenant UMC

  • A leadership development program for all ages. Six Saturday morning sessions over the next year will provide opportunities to learn, grow, and develop as a leader. (Miss the first session? No problem. Each session is a stand alone opportunity to grow. Register and plan to attend every session you can.)

  • Saturday Mornings 9:00-11:00am Registration Required.
  • For our Equip Page click HERE.


Here at Covenant UMC, we offer a variety of adult classes on Sunday mornings during our worship services at 9 am and 10 am.  If you have questions on how to connect with one of the following classes, please contact Pastor Allison.

  • Faith Café (9:00am)
    • January 14 -  February 11:
      • The Forgiveness of Jesus, six in-depth studies connecting the Bible to life. 
    • February 18 to March 24:
      • The Third Day by Tom Berlin. 
    • April 7 to May 5: 
      • A series on Women of the Bible
    • Room 110
    • Facilitators: Janet Hall and Rita Spears
  • Faith Builders  (9:00am)
    • Expand the knowledge and practice of your faith within a small-group context, and discover a safe place to ask questions, explore some doubts and dig into difficult subjects. This class has recently been going through the history of the Church, from Christ to modern day, with the goal of better understanding the Church universal — including why we see so many Protestant denominations today and the origins and distinctions of United Methodism. For those with kids, Covenant has the nursery available at this time as well as classes for preschool through Grade 5. 
    • Room 208
    • Facilitator: Joel Schwartz
  • Agape Class (10:00am)
    • On January 14th we will begin a new study, Multiplying Love: a Vision of United Methodist Life Together, by Paul W. Chilcote. Rev. Chilcote is a United Methodist elder who has pastored United Methodist congregations, taught theology and Wesleyan studies at several U.M. Theological schools, and is now a Research Fellow at Cambridge, England. His book "underscores what matters most and stands in contrast to divisive misreadings of essential Methodist teachings. [He] helps us embrace anew the Wesleyan vision of love of Jesus as central to what we believe and how we live."
    • Room 105 & 107
    • Facilitator: Judy Rice
  • Discovery Group (10:00am)
    • The Discovery Group continues the series on the Creation Stories of Genesis.  In this study, we will discuss how the stories are similar and how they are different; how they describe human relationships with God, with other humans, with the earth, and with all of creation; and how this gives guidance to our lives today.
    • Room 203
    • Facilitators: Curt Sylvester
  • Faith Discovery (10:00am)
    • Adam Hamilton studies: The Way & 24 Hours
    • Room 110
    • Facilitator: Keith Hering and Jackie Landrie