Classes, Bible studies, and special series on Sunday mornings and throughout the week cover a variety of topics relevant to our 21st century lifestyle. If you have questions or want to know more about Jesus or you want to go deeper in your faith, you’ll find the people of Covenant learning and growing together.

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Core Classes

  • Discovering Membership 
    • A one session basic introduction to the Christian Faith and to the ministries of Covenant UMC. Learn about our Mission and Vision, explore the structure of the church and discover the meaning of membership.

      • Next Classes:
        • June 2: 11:30 AM
        • August 25: 11:30 AM
        • November 10: 11:30 AM
  • Discover Your Shape for Serving
    • Learn the gifts of the Spirit and discover which gifts and skills are present in you.  Explore what may be your sweet spot for serving the church using your gifts, heart, abilities, skills, personality, and passions. Includes an introduction to ministry opportunities at and through Covenant UMC. 

    • Watch for our next sessions in 2024.

Pastor's Class

  • Join Pastor Chris & Pastor Allison as they open the scriptures to address important topics throughout the year. Join in one class or the whole season.
  • Thursday Mornings @ 10:00am

EQUIP - Leadership Institute at Covenant UMC

  • A leadership development program for all ages. Six Saturday morning sessions over the next year will provide opportunities to learn, grow, and develop as a leader. (Miss the first session? No problem. Each session is a stand alone opportunity to grow. Register and plan to attend every session you can.)

  • Saturday Mornings 9:00-11:00am Registration Required.
  • For our Equip Page click HERE.


Here at Covenant UMC, we offer a variety of adult classes on Sunday mornings during our worship services at 9 am and 10 am.  If you have questions on how to connect with one of the following classes, please contact Pastor Allison.

  • Faith Café (9:00am)
    • Currently studying the book of Proverbs 
    • Room 110
    • Facilitators: Janet Hall and Rita Spears
  • Faith Builders  (9:00am)
    • Expand the knowledge and practice of your faith within a small-group context, and discover a safe place to ask questions, explore some doubts and dig into difficult subjects.  
    • Currently studying the book of James 
    • For those with kids, Covenant has the nursery available at this time as well as classes for preschool through Grade 5.  
    • Room 208
    • Facilitator: Joel Schwartz
  • Agape Class (10:00am)
    • The Agape Class is studying Matthew's Sermon on the Mount, by Amy-Jill Levine, a faithful Jew and renowned University Professor of New Testament and Jewish Studies at Vanderbilt Divinity School.  Anyone interested would be welcome to join! 
    • Room 105 & 107
    • Facilitator: Judy Rice
  • Discovery Group (10:00am)
    • The Discovery Group has been studying the concept of the "Messiah -- the Promised One, the Son of God, the Son of David".  
    • They are next studying: "What is required to be a Christian?" This category will be studied in three phases: 
      • What did Jesus say that was required of those who followed him? 
      • What do various denominations and religious groups state in their doctrinal statements is required to be a Christian or member of their organization? 
      • An in-depth study of United Methodism as follows: 
        • A study of the life and teachings of John Wesley 
        • A study of the Articles of Faith of United Methodists 
        • A study of the newly approved United Methodist Book of Discipline 
        • A study of the newly approved United Methodist Social Principles 
        • A study of the sacraments and sacramental rites of the United Methodist Church 
        • A study of the roles of clergy and laity in the United Methodist Church 
    • These sessions are open to anyone who would like to join in the study. 
      • Each session lasts 90 minutes and includes a presentation and open discussion. 
      • The Discovery Group also goes for lunch together one Sunday of each month. 
    • Room 203
    • Facilitators: Curt Sylvester
  • Faith Discovery (10:00am)
    • “Deeper Connections: The Parables of Jesus” 
    • Room 110
    • Facilitator: Keith Hering and Jackie Landrie